About us

Dakaform, s. r. o.

The Dakaform, s.r.o. was found in February 2015.

We have a vision to be a lean company, strongly focused on the customer´s requirements fulfillment.

We build relationship with our customers and suppliers to reach WIN-WIN strategy. Our target is to produce products with reasonable margin what will allow us to continuous growth and investment to our facility to provide to our customers full service.

Our company is ISO 9001 certified. We are actually working hard to implement a system according to ISO/TS 16949 standard. With this activity we declare our strategic aim to become a supplier to automotive industry.

Production possibilities and scope

  • Progressive Stamping

  • Deep Drawing

  • Production of stamped parts in tools with manual insertion

  • Impact extrusion of aluminium and aluminium alloys

  • Surface finish and finishing operations according to customer´s requirements (ccoperated): Degreasing, Zinc coating, Cataphoresis (KTL), Powder coating

Company machines

2x Eccentric press LEN 63 C


  • Table size: 800 x 630 mm
  • Stroke: 10-105 mm
  •  Number of strokes/ min: 65/130

Other company services

We are also able to provide following services in every phase of your project:

  • Pressed parts optimization according to feasibility and cost efficiency
  • Prototypes regarding to your drawing
  • Tools and dies design and dies supply
  • Production lines design and turnkey projects
  • Advisory in a field of cold stamping and deep drawing




Rybářská 365
735 62 Český Těšín
038 14 899


Daniel Kaznica
Executive Director, Project Manager
+420 720 329725

David Kaznica
Executive Director, Project Manager
+420 603 933307